Corporate Responsibility

In this report, we provide examples of how we apply our knowledge to improve our company, enhance our sustainability efforts and address stakeholder concerns.

Report content is determined both by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework and through our analysis of our material issues, stakeholder priorities and other driving factors.

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Allstate is committed to reporting each year on our sustainability performance. In this, our 13th Corporate Responsibility report, we share our achievements as well as areas where we see opportunities for improvement.

Stakeholders include customers, employees, agency owners, investors, opinion leaders, policymakers and consumers. We also regularly receive feedback from and engage with a wide variety of community groups, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and activist organizations, and staff members from organizations that regulate our business and operations. We use this feedback to help guide all aspects of our corporate responsibility strategy.

In 2015, we convened an external stakeholder engagement panel discussion with the help of Ceres, a leading nonprofit organization advocating for sustainability leadership.

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We will be conducting a new materiality analysis in calendar year 2015, which will enable us to refresh our assessment of the sustainability issues that are important to our stakeholders and our company. A few of the issues we will be considering include:

  • Environment: Environmental Management Operations
  • Communities: Natural Catastrophe Preparedness
  • Employees: Diversity & Inclusion; Employee Satisfaction
  • Agency Owners: Agent Satisfaction
  • Supply Chain: Sustainable Procurement
  • Governance: Transparency; Data Privacy & Security; Risk Management & Business Continuity
  • Products & Services: Access to Insurance

With increasing urgency, climate change remains one of the most important issues both to our stakeholders and to our business security. Allstate pursues a wide range of climate change initiatives, from carbon mitigation strategies and supply chain engagement to risk management and disaster preparedness efforts. In 2014, Allstate took that commitment one step further with the release of our first climate change statement, which is included in this year’s report.

Leveraging External Expertise: Ceres Stakeholder Engagement Meeting

In 2015, we convened an external stakeholder engagement panel discussion with the help of Ceres, a leading nonprofit organization advocating for sustainability leadership. That conversation raised important observations about and ideas for our reporting moving forward, and the takeaways are included in the Stakeholders section of this report.

This is our sixth year using the GRI reporting framework, and second using the materiality-based G4 guidelines.

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The GRI guidelines are a set of global guidelines that standardize sustainability report content and facilitate comparisons among different organizations. The guidelines are continually refined and improved to give companies a more effective framework for organizing content.

More information about our business and financial performance is available in our Annual Report.

Report Period, Scope and Boundaries

This Corporate Responsibility report was published in September 2015 and covers our sustainability performance for the 2014 fiscal year, January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.

Data in this report do not cover the facilities, operations and employees of our exclusive insurance agencies or the independent insurance agencies who sell Allstate products, unless otherwise noted.

Reporting boundaries in other areas differ by content.

Climate Change: Reporting covers Allstate and affiliate-owned and -leased facilities and operations in the U.S., Canada, India and the U.K.

Energy: Reporting covers Allstate and subsidiary-owned facilities and operations in the U.S., Canada, India and the U.K.

People: Reporting covers the employees of Allstate. Exclusive agencies and their employees, independent agencies and partners are not covered except when specifically noted in this report.

Products and Investments: Reporting covers all of our products, financial services and investments during calendar year 2014.

Information for this report was collected by individual departments within Allstate that gather, store and manage data in their business systems. Cameron Cole, an environmental consultant, has verified the data in our Greenhouse Gas inventory. All other data and statements made have been confirmed by internal Allstate teams, including representatives from Human Resources; Allstate Investments; Product Operations; Risk Management; Tax; Real Estate and Administration; Sourcing and Procurement Solutions; Finance; Law and Regulation; Corporate Accounting; and our Corporate Responsibility team. No significant changes were made in measurement from previous reporting years.

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